Configuring NAnt for Windows

This is somewhat of a corollary to my post on Configuring Eclipse IDE for Windows.  I will use some of the same configuration that is noted in the post and it’s repeated here for clarity.


Create the following path variables.  To get to the system variables, right click on your computer icon and select Properties.  In the Advanced tab and click the button Environment Variables.  At the time of this writing these are the version of products I used so they may differ.

  • HOME = {drive}:\Source
  • TOOLS_HOME = {drive}:\Tools
  • NANT_HOME = %TOOLS_HOME%\nant-X (X is the version number)

Append the following to the system “Path” variable: %NANT_HOME%\bin


Note that when extracting zipped files, extract files so “app-version” isn’t sub folder with the same name (i.e. “app-version” ^ ”app-version”).

Download NAnt X and extract to %TOOLS_HOME%\nant-X

Verify by going to a command like and running “nant – help”.  You should see a list of parameters.

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