Inkscape, A Cool Vector Graphics Tool!

I won’t be the first to admit that I stink when it comes to my graphic design skills, but I do know how to solve problems when presented with one.  I had a major problem that was racking my nerves, icons for a web site and phone app I was developing.  Knowing the result I wanted, I soon employed the help of Google.  Low and behold I can across Inkscape, an awesome scalable vector graphics program and it was free!  Armed with this new tool I still had one issue, how the heck am I going to use this thing (that would be my lack of design knowledge bubbling up).  No worries, I wasn’t out yet.  After searching a little bit for some of the results I was looking for, I came across this blog, (my hats off to you).  In no time, i was able to accomplish buttons, special affects, paper folds, etc.

Install on Windows

1.  Install GIMP.

2.  Download Inkscape and install for windows.

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