Outlook 2013 Always Prompts for Credentials using Active Directory

You ever have those technical issues that aren’t quit annoying enough to deal with in your normal day of busyness?  I really have enjoyed where Microsoft have taken Office in the last few years, but after installing Office 2013 Professional, which has Outlook 2013, I kept receiving a login prompt for my Active Directory credentials every time I open Outlook.  For a while, I thought it was something to do with our IT’s exchange server, but did a little googling to figure it out. 

It turns out that if you have Exchange connected through HTTP, it will always prompt, even if you ask it to remember you credentials, or even tell it not to prompt!  How annoying.  Below is the image of the setting you need to uncheck to fix this pest of an issue.


You can get to this screen by going to: Account Settings, double click the mail account in question, click the More Settings… button, then click the Connection tab.

Sass CSS with Compass using Grunt Not Working on Windows

My team is using AngularJS, Node.js, Grunt, Sass CSS via Compass, Yoeman, and a few other web toolsets.  The other day when running the serve process to generate the css output from Sass CSS, the css wasn’t able to generate.  It turned out that Compass was setting the permissions on the .tmp folder where it puts the CSS to a state that didn’t all the process to write the file, hence a Permission Denied error.  To fix this issue I followed the StackOverflow thread http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22596760/yeoman-error-errnoeacces-on-line-897-of-c-permission-denied which did these steps.

Open a command prompt and run the following.

  1. gem uninstall sass (if you have multiple version, select all)
  2. gem uninstall compass
  3. gem install compass --pre
  4. gem install sass --pre