Setup Eclipse for Android Programming

This is a fairly simple process but there are always a few things I forget.  Once you have your Eclipse setup with Android development, you can Import some of there example projects and run them right way (point to you Android SDK folder and Import project process will find the available projects).

1.  Install a fresh copy of Eclipse just for Android programming.  I like to keep my Android development separate from other development using Eclipse, like Java, etc.  Follow my blog here on configuring Eclipse, I use the path c:\Tools\android-eclipse-XXX.

2.  Install the Android SDK.  I like to install in in my c:\SDKS folder.

3.  With Eclipse open, go to menu Windows^Preferences.  The preferences dialog will open.  Click the Android node.  You should see an input for SDK Location.  Pick the folder where the SDK was installed.  For me it was c:\SDKS\android-sdk.  Click the Apply button, then OK for the Preferences dialog.


Android Layout Stops Working in Eclipse

So far most of the Android development in Eclipse has been smooth sailing.  There is one issue I’ve come across over and over, I get the error message "No XML content. Please add a root view or layout to your document."  A few times I was able to fiddle with the layout and it would just start working.  This last ADK update, I had enough so I went searching again.  This time I found an answer to my prayers.  It turns out that if you have any custom device configuration in the layout editor that do not contain the proper qualifiers, you will get this issue, see thread here.


Add all applicable qualifiers.

1.  Open screen editor list.


2.  Open your custom screen, then move the necessary qualifiers over.


Inkscape, A Cool Vector Graphics Tool!

I won’t be the first to admit that I stink when it comes to my graphic design skills, but I do know how to solve problems when presented with one.  I had a major problem that was racking my nerves, icons for a web site and phone app I was developing.  Knowing the result I wanted, I soon employed the help of Google.  Low and behold I can across Inkscape, an awesome scalable vector graphics program and it was free!  Armed with this new tool I still had one issue, how the heck am I going to use this thing (that would be my lack of design knowledge bubbling up).  No worries, I wasn’t out yet.  After searching a little bit for some of the results I was looking for, I came across this blog, (my hats off to you).  In no time, i was able to accomplish buttons, special affects, paper folds, etc.

Install on Windows

1.  Install GIMP.

2.  Download Inkscape and install for windows.

Connecting to TFS Preview : Visual Studio and Eclipse


Lately I’ve been working personal project here at home that requires both Visual Studio and Eclipse.  I was pleased when TFS 2010 came out and Teamprise (now Team Explorer Everywhere) had a seamless integration with TFS 2010, the experience is identical to that in Visual Studio.  One thing I grow old of is managing data from the personal projects or even small company projects that don’t need the hassle of installing, maintaining,and backing up an installation of TFS, especially at home.  When Microsoft introduced there TFS 2010 SaaS in the cloud, I was very anxious to try it out.  I was fortunate enough to get a taste thanks to Brian Harry.


In order to connect to your account with Visual Studio or Eclipse you will have to do the following.

Visual Studio

1.  Ensure you have Visual Studio SP1 installed.

2.  Ensure you have hotfix KB2581206 installed.

3.  Now when you add a server like you normally would in the Team Explorer window you will get the following when going to connect.




1.  Ensure you have Team Explorer Everywhere 11 Developer Preview installed.  There is one caveat unfortunately.  There is a bug with this where it will not work for Windows XP running on 32-bit system (Arg!  I was a bit bummed at this as this is the dinosaur that I have; here is the issue I get).

2.  Now when you add a server like you normally would in the Team Explorer window.


Build Server

If you want to have a build server that talks to tfspreview you will need to install the latest for the preview as well, Web Installer or ISO.