Connecting to TFS Preview : Visual Studio and Eclipse


Lately I’ve been working personal project here at home that requires both Visual Studio and Eclipse.  I was pleased when TFS 2010 came out and Teamprise (now Team Explorer Everywhere) had a seamless integration with TFS 2010, the experience is identical to that in Visual Studio.  One thing I grow old of is managing data from the personal projects or even small company projects that don’t need the hassle of installing, maintaining,and backing up an installation of TFS, especially at home.  When Microsoft introduced there TFS 2010 SaaS in the cloud, I was very anxious to try it out.  I was fortunate enough to get a taste thanks to Brian Harry.


In order to connect to your account with Visual Studio or Eclipse you will have to do the following.

Visual Studio

1.  Ensure you have Visual Studio SP1 installed.

2.  Ensure you have hotfix KB2581206 installed.

3.  Now when you add a server like you normally would in the Team Explorer window you will get the following when going to connect.




1.  Ensure you have Team Explorer Everywhere 11 Developer Preview installed.  There is one caveat unfortunately.  There is a bug with this where it will not work for Windows XP running on 32-bit system (Arg!  I was a bit bummed at this as this is the dinosaur that I have; here is the issue I get).

2.  Now when you add a server like you normally would in the Team Explorer window.


Build Server

If you want to have a build server that talks to tfspreview you will need to install the latest for the preview as well, Web Installer or ISO.

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