.NET Remove Xml Documentation Compile Warnings

One of the nice features of Visual Studio is the ability to quickly add code documentation. Using tools, such as nDoc, you can create help files in many formats (MSDN style, chm file, etc.). This is great for large operations with lots of code, because it aids new and old company developers in finding code and understanding what the code does. One way to enforce the usage of the XML code commenting is to turn on the "XML Documentation file" setting in the build properties (C++.NET does not work). The setting can be good and bad. The bad part of this setting is that it forces you to comment everything, such as over obvious enums, etc. If your satisfied with the commenting you have, but yet get tons of compiler warnings "Missing XML comment for", you can turn this off by using the "Suppress Warnings" property in the build attributes. Add the warning 1591 and it suppress these warnings.

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