Configure Click-Once Publisher in Visual Studio

Click once publishing makes it easy to deploy web applications right within Visual Studio.  Some hosting providers, like Discount ASP.NET, support click once publishing.  If you are using a hosting provider, check with them for the required information as they will provide you with the correct credentials and service url.

1.  Highlight your web application that you are deploying. Right click it and select Publish.


2.  The Publish Web dialog should appear. Set the following items:

· Publish Method = Web Deploy – this tells it to use the web deploy agent that will be running on our remote IIS server.

· Service Url – set this to the server name/IP of the machine that you are deploying to, which also has the web deploy agent running on it. If you are deploying to a hosting provider and they support this, check with them for this configuration.

· Site/application – set this to the site name and/or site/application name. If you don’t have applications under your site then this can just be the site name, like “Default Web Site”.

· Username and Password – set the credentials with sufficient privileges to the deployment operations, this user will need to be able to edit the IIS metabase. If you are using a hosting provider, they will provide this information for you.


3.  Click Publish, and that’s it.

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