Cropping Images In .NET The Easy Way

I’ve been working on a pet project of mine Site Travelers, and I needed a easy way to crop images that were uploaded to the server (ASP.NET).  Obviously I knew how to do this the manual way, but this is one of those all too common cases of functionality that many people require.  So, using my trusty search engine, I went shopping.  There are quite a few good examples out there on how to do it, including writing helper functions, but I wanted something already packaged.  I hit the jackpot when I came across a library from Code Carvings. They have a really slick image manipulation library called piczard.  Their documentation is fantastic and easy to read with plenty of examples to get you down the road.  Using this library reduced everything I needed to do, crop and get bytes of data, down to the following 2 lines!

FixedResizeConstraint constraint = new FixedResizeConstraint(180, 120);
byte[] bytes = constraint.SaveProcessedImageToByteArray(
    new JpegFormatEncoderParams(60));

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