Using SSL and TFS 2010 for Reporting Services All-In-One Install

A current deployment I’m working on for TFS requires that everything use SSL, which includes the TFS part and SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) reports (report manager/report web services).  We are diving into customization on some of the reports and someone mentioned that our Reports folder in Visual Studio has a red X on it (see below).


Everything else with regard to TFS was working fine over SSL, we could even access the report manager for SSRS, so I knew it had to be some in TFS that drove Visual Studio and the link in the Team Web Access.  Follow the steps below to fix this predicament.

1.  Log on to your TFS server and open the TFS administration console.
2.  Select the Reporting node in the left navigator


3.  Click the Edit link on the right side of the screen.  It will ask if you want to stop the schedule jobs, click OK.  A dialog with 3 tabs will come up.  Select the Reports tab.  In this tab, set the Web Service and the Report Manager to the SSL base URLs that represent your SSRS installation, for example  Note that once you change the Web Service url you will have to re-enter the data source user’s password.  Once you have update the fields, click OK.  See the image below.


4.  Start the jobs again by clicking “Start Jobs” on the right.  You are done.

To check that it all works go into Visual Studio and connect to your TFS server.  The red X should be gone from a team project’s Reports folder.  Also check you Team Web Access (https://{your dns name}/tfs/web/) to make sure that the link to the reports from the web page correctly uses the SSL url.

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